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BAHA Petroleum Consulting is a Williston Basin company, established in 1995, in Williston, ND. We have thrived through the years due to our quality of services and the rare ability to provide customized services and rates to cover a wide variety of needs for our customers. BAHA will be here, year in and year out, to grow with your needs, required budget controls and annual budget planning. We have worked in house with some of the largest E&P’s in the Williston Basin and United States.. BAHA offers a variety of services.

  • Roustabout

    • Facility Construction​

    • Facility Maintenance

  • Location Maintenance

    • Weed Spraying​ & Mowing

    • Seeding & Erosion Control

    • Snow Removal

    • Fencing

  • Containment

    • Permanent Containment

      • Polyurea & Synthetic​

    • Temporary Containment

      • Drive-over & solid​

  • Hydro Excavation

  • Hotshot

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