Well Site Maintenance


We offer both wood and steel braces along with custom fabricated steel swinging gates and steel location sign stands.

Seeding/Erosion Control:

BAHA's management has a background in farming Western North Dakota. This knowledge, along with working with our local agronomist we can provide the information needed to make sure seed mixes are put down under ideal circumstances. Whether it be location, lease road or pipeline seeding we have the equipment to get the job done right. Straw spreading, straw matting and waddles are used if requested by the customer.


We offer location, lease road and pipeline ROW mowing to our customers. Tracked skid steers with rugged brush mowers along with PTO driven 12' winged mowers pulled behind MFWD tractors as used, depending on terrain, in all our mowing.

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  • Well site construction from A-Z including road approach

  • Fencing installation and removal

  • Netting/Flagging Location Pits

  • Rock Picking

  • Dirt Conditioning

  • Soil Test Drills - Water Depth Testing

  • Excavation

  • Reclamation


  • Landman Right of Way (ROW) Agents

  • Survey crews-Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) and Professional Engineers (PE)

  • Dill site Construction Advisors

Pipeline and Well Site Staking


  • Planning and Mapping with ROW agents

  • Pipeline staking

  • State and Government Negotiations

  • Road Bore permitting

  • Manage Payments for Damages

  • Survey as Builts

  • Preliminary one-call

Well Site

  • Working hand-in-hand with Exploration

  • Landowner Services

    • Research

    • Contact

    • Negotiation

  • Coordinate Staking of Well Site

  • Bidding location build with Contractors

  • Building location to Rig needs

  • Preliminary one-call


Our Breathing Air Trailers offer mobile emergency supply air and respiratory protection for a variety of industrial applications, including hazardous materials handling, petrochemical, and confined space operations. Out trailers are equipped with high pressure breathing air cylinder cascade systems filled with compressed Grade D breathing air, tested to CSA 180.1-00 standards,


  • Pump Jacks

  • Polish Rod Changes

  • Tank Battery Setup

  • Fire Tubes

  • Compressors

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  • Pumping Unit Construction, Maintenance

  • Tank Battery Layout, Construction, Insulation & Maintenance

  • Welding, Hot Work

  • Pipeline Construction, Insulation and Fitting

  • Flare Construction & Service

  • Concrete

  • Treat Installation, Service & Insulation

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  • Flatbed

  • Winch Truck

  • Tanks and Vessels

    • 400bbl~1000bbl

    • Flat / Cone Bottom

    • Steel / Fiberglass

    • Treaters / Seperators

    • Fiberglass Buildings

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Whether temporary or permanent, BAHA has your containment needs covered.

  • Steel containment that can be either a standalone or posted system utilizing a spray in polyurea liner or a synthetic liner.

  • Polyurea Liner – We have been installing polyurea containments in Western North Dakota since 2013. Our polyurea liner is pre-sprayed in a controlled environment and seamed together in the field. This allows for a faster install times and less wasted material.

  • Our temporary containment is a standalone block system utilizing a synthetic liner that  can be set up in a short amount of time by a small crew with little or no equipment necessary.

Temporary Containment

A standalone block system utilizing a synthetic liner that can be set up in a short amount of time by a small crew

Permanent Containment

Steel Containment that can be either a standalone or posted system utilizing a spray in polyurea liner or a synthetic liner.







BAHA’s hydro excavation division is made up of qualified and driven personnel.  What sets us apart from other companies is our work ethic and our support truck with a supply of water on hand at no extra cost to you.  This means the hydro vac will remain on location with no need to leave and refill.  Crews are available 24/7 

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